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Benefits of our Montessori Program

The Park Forest Montessori School enhances the child's sensitive years and provides an enriching environment in which information can be absorbed. The child starts with the simplest exercises in practical life and sensory apparatus to help develop the concentration, coordination and working habits necessary for the more advanced language and math work. Repetition is necessary as concentration develops and often a child may repeat the same activity many times. Graduates of our school are academically prepared to succeed in school, with high self-esteem regarding their work.

The teacher demonstrates the correct use of the Montessori materials as they are individually chosen by the children. She carefully observes the progress of each child and watches for periods of readiness. It is important that the child feels successful at every step. Mistakes are often overlooked until the teacher feels she can correct the child in a friendly, accepting manner. Most of the materials are self-correcting and practice brings perfection in academic work.

Weekly enrichment activities include:

Monday: Music with Fen-Fen
Tuesday: French with Sophie from the French Academy
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Science
Friday: Show and Tell

Resources for parents and teachers: